Who am I?

I’m Elena — a storyteller, adventure seeker, and food enthusiast, moonlighting as a 9-5 corporate boss in LA.

Indeed, i’m a millennial with a lifestyle and travel blog, but I’m more than just a carbon copy of that avatar you saw on Instagram. My writing is a smattering of discoveries; the hidden and not-so-hidden gems in food, travel, the arts and self.

Let me transport you into my world, where I observe the ordinary, uncover the extraordinary and pick the perfect song to inspire you on your next adventure.

  • Musings from Downtown LA

    Sometimes life feels weird and sad, maybe because you’ve been grieving an irreparable loss or maybe for a million other reasons or none at all. You’re tempted to do something exciting and unexpected, like book an impromptu solo stay at a nice hotel in the city you live in. The half-baked goal is to renew…

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  • A Day in LA for Under $50

    There’s nothing like dropping more than 50 bucks in less than 5 minutes on a sunny Saturday morning in Los Angeles to make you feel like a fool. First, it’s the parking that you thought for sure you could validate but find out from the nice barista with the eyebrow piercing that, sadly, you cannot:…

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  • Tempo of Tulum

    Sunscreen, toothpaste, an international data plan, and beginner Spanish. What do these things have in common? Just that they all completely slipped my mind before heading to Mexico for 5 days. It wasn’t until I was about half an hour from landing at the Cancun airport that I finally jolted out of my sandy daydreams,…

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  • Pieces of Portland

    A weekend in Portland is like coming across that place in your dreams that you can never quite recall. Down every block there are striking familiarities: sights, sounds, and scents that you just can’t put your finger on. Or you can, but they’re not exact; they’re just little scattered pieces of other cities and towns…

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  • La La La, Los Angeles

      You’re bound to think of Los Angeles, and when you do from time to time, it’s likely you think of soul-shattering traffic, of untouchable movie stars, of the trendiest restaurants and most expensive boutiques. And while all of that does exist, that’s not my LA, and it doesn’t have to be yours. My LA is…

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  • Beats of Boulder

    Perpetually blue skies, crisp mountain air smelling of pine, and foothills glistening with snow. The wonders of Colorado are not few and far between, but to me it’s always just been a second home. When I left LA to spend Christmas with my Dad this year though, I decided to rediscover Boulder in a way…

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  • Playlist à la Paso Robles

    On a dark “winter” night in LA, we packed our bags and left the smog behind to head North on a road trip towards wine country. An idyllic weekend in Paso Robles was to follow; A quaint secluded cabin, a sky full of gleaming stars, and miles upon miles of green vineyards that seemed to…

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  • 6 Things I’ve Accidentally Done Since Moving to LA

    Greetings, friends!  I understand if you’re upset with me, given that it’s been over a year since I last wrote.  In my defense, I did write half a blog post within my first three weeks of moving to LA, I just didn’t finish it.  I might as well have done that entirely on purpose though,…

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