About the blog

Carrie Fisher, circa 1983

If you’re anything like me, you know that music can lead you to feel intensely connected to a particular moment or experience. Some of my most beloved songs are those that I link to a vivid memory, or heard for the first time as the soundtrack to a favorite movie scene, forever defining the way I felt about them. In the same vein, a good adventure can only be made better by an accompanying playlist.

I’ve always been free-spirited; yearning for new sights to see, and going where the wind takes me. And despite my full-time job, average budget, and the rest of those fun adult restrictions, the wind still manages to take me to a lot of really cool (often underrated) places. That’s why I created Rock n’ Roam: to bring you with me on my adventures, and to experience and discover music in a new way.

So join me in my latest exploration, as I share my greatest passions while keeping you busy, inspired, and well-fed in some of the greatest places imaginable.