Who am I?

I’m Elena — a storyteller, adventure seeker, and food enthusiast, moonlighting as a 9-5 corporate boss in LA.

Indeed, i’m a millennial with a lifestyle and travel blog, but I’m more than just a carbon copy of that avatar you saw on Instagram. My writing is a smattering of discoveries; the hidden and not-so-hidden gems in food, travel, the arts and self.

Let me transport you into my world, where I observe the ordinary, uncover the extraordinary and pick the perfect song to inspire you on your next adventure.

  • Home is Where I Dream it

    It’s my last week in New York.  I quit my job, I quit my apartment, and I have no partner in crime.  But that’s okay. I’m sitting at a cafe in Brooklyn, eating a grilled-cheese-brussels-sprout sandwich and sipping on some crazy tea that tastes like a mixture of Sage, Rosemary, and Hipsters.  I can’t get any…

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  • Screenwriting for Dummies

    If you ever wondered what it was like to take a Screenwriting class alongside a bunch of crazy New Yorkers, just keep reading, Before I start to pass judgment on some of these absurd characters though, I feel it necessary to tell you what I myself am doing while I judge.  I’m currently sprawled out in…

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  • A poem, from May

    My eyelids fluttered open rain pitter pattered gently but steadily in the cemetery  outside my window  It spoke to me, or they spoke to me “Gloomy monday morning, don’t go, stay with us” Stay in bed So I did. My eyelids closed gracefully as if I were a doll,  controlled by a puppeteer  Wake up…

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  • Hit the road, Jack

    I have a confession to make. I’ve been reading On The Road for over a year now and I’m still not even halfway through.  No, I’m not joking, but I sincerely wish I was.  It’s been more than 365 days since I downloaded Jack Kerouac’s wonder-novel onto my kindle.  365 days since I read the…

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  • Suddenly Last Summer

    Also known as, That Time I went to The Hamptons. You know, THE Hamptons. That fancy place. That “Oh you know, I just have a summer home there, no big deal” place. Before moving to the City, I never imagined that my eyes would set sight on a Hampton’s starry night sky, let alone that…

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  • The only time and place it’s acceptable to spend half your night waiting in line

    Although this post is a bit delayed, it’s a story I’m suddenly itching to tell. It was a little after 6 pm on December 31st.  The reason I refer to the date rather than the obvious holiday, New Years Eve, is because at that moment, I had no plans to do anything remotely New Years…

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  • My Eternal Sunshine Moment in Coney Island

    You’ve seen the movie, right?  Jim Carey and Kate Winslet as the dysfunctional Joel and Clementine.  There’s a scene at the very beginning of the film where Jim Carey is about to hop on the train to go to work, but at the very last second, he jumps on a train to Montauk instead…in the…

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  • Crime Scene

    Don’t fret.  It’s a bar, not a real crime scene.  Although, as Mel tweeted the morning after, “It was definitely a crime to have that many annoying guys in one place.” True that, girlfriend. When we arrived at this small, dark East Village bar and lounge, it wasn’t overly packed, which gave us some incentive…

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