Who am I?

I’m Elena — a storyteller, adventure seeker, and food enthusiast, moonlighting as a 9-5 corporate boss in LA.

Indeed, i’m a millennial with a lifestyle and travel blog, but I’m more than just a carbon copy of that avatar you saw on Instagram. My writing is a smattering of discoveries; the hidden and not-so-hidden gems in food, travel, the arts and self.

Let me transport you into my world, where I observe the ordinary, uncover the extraordinary and pick the perfect song to inspire you on your next adventure.

  • Subway Occurrences

    And we’re talking NYC, so I clearly don’t mean the sandwich chain. Believe it or not, taking the train has become one of my favorite daily happenings. I get to zone out and listen to music, and every interruption to date has been hysterically entertaining to the point where I don’t even mind being cut off…

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  • 8 reasons our apartment building is sketchy

    I’ve quickly come to discover that you’re going to have to give up something to find semi-affordable housing in NYC.  As much as I love our location and even our actual apartment itself, these are the 8 reasons our building is sketchy.  Let’s jump right in. 1.) The first week that Mel and I moved…

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  • Park Slope is swarming with more children than usual tonight

    Park Slope, Brooklyn certainly isn’t nicknamed the “Stroller Capital of the World” for nothing.  It’s constantly teeming with mothers (Or more likely, Nannies) pushing their children around Prospect Park or walking them down Fifth Ave to treat them to Frozen Yogurt.  To be honest, I was actually hoping to get an apartment in Park Slope…

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  • Below Average Sized Coffee Shops

    The place is called Coffee Bites.  It is about the size of my bedroom, and let me tell you, my bedroom is miniscule.  I trekked across the street to use their wi-fi and and grab a bagel.  Unfortunately, they only had one left: Cinnamon Raisin, which is the absolute worst kind, so I got a…

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  • My short lived experience as a Production Assistant

    When I say short lived, I mean that it literally only lasted a day.  But don’t assume I gave up too quickly, because that one day was a 13 hour shift.  I’m confident that I gave this low budget indie film (concerning the repression of female nudity…ha!) my complete 100 percent before very happily throwing…

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